The Future of Advertising – Today

The August issue of Inc Magazine is presenting an comprehensive guide in advertising tools of the future that are already out there on the market.

    • Accenture has designed a 10-foot-wide touchscreen that lets crowds in malls or on the street interact independently with characters, games, and information.
    • Imagine a day when you can text-message a discount coupon to a cell phone user just as she walks past your shop. That day is here.
    • With Reactrix Systems’ interactive images, 10 or more people can kick around a virtual soccerball, splash in a virtual pool, or (below) swirl through a logo.
    • In cities like New York, taxi-top messaging signs are tied to GPS location sensors, so that a cab can pitch nearby stores and restaurants as it roams.
    • In Massachusetts, Stop & Shop is testing a touchscreen that with a swipe of a loyalty card can remind shoppers of past purchases and suggest alternatives.
    • Claria is using behavioral targeting service tracks the online habits of Web surfers and hits them with relevant advertising
    • Pulse, of San Francisco, California, is using online tools turn a photo of any person or animal into a lip-synched talking head for viral ad campaigns.
    • Zebra Imaging produces large promotional holograms that make images of objects or people stand out in 3-D — no glasses needed.
    • Reactrix is using a motion-sensitive projector that turns any surface into a crowd-drawing, brandable interactive display.
    • Massive from NYC inserts ads via an online connection into video games while they’re being played. Coming is technology that will adapt the ads to individual players.

Endless opportunities. See full Inc Magazine article.

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