– Web 2.0 for Students

Now if I would still be a student (with a laptop and a wireless internet connection) I would definetly love the new social notetaking for students application –

Claimed to be a social notetaking service, allows students to publicly save organized notes, manage a class schedule, and keep up to date with tasks using a time sensitive to do list.

As of now, students can organize themselves using a class schedule tool, note manager, and a to do list in an Ajax based interface with barely any clutter to be found. Students can also search other member notes, making a social notetaking service. But what has me excited for the service are the features to come September 1st. says to expect a grade manager to record test and quiz grades, a 1gb file manager to save documents and school related material, and Wikipedia integration for class notes. It is also said that they will be making the service more social with the adding of ‘friends’ and a voting system for public notes.

Via SolutionWatch

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