Romanian Elections 2004, The aftermath

The latest developments with the request of Traian Basescu, on behalf of the opposition alliance make me think of Romania blaming Urs Maier, after we didn’t quallified for the Euro 2004. It’s not that we remained to depend on the last game of all, that we failed to score at least three times in excellent situations during that last game, or that we couldn’t just throw the ball away in those last minutes. It was Urs Maier fault ’cause he gave another extra minute after the announced ones and Denmark for using it, scoring and going to Portugal.

I totally admit that there was a fraud, big and considerable this time, but I really don’t think that “Ukraine solution” would do any good, or will help in any way. I really don’t think that this is the best available strategy for starting the run-off campaign.

I consider, on the other side, that the things should be said loud and clear, that they should go for it and try to identify and make it public for everybody what really happened and push really hard on Justice to play his role. After we proove that the fraud is big enough to change the elections than we might go out in the streets.

That, even if I really think we, as a nation, passed the state of mind that Ukraine is passing through at the moment, and that happened few years ago (and I don’t want to say we are more democratic or free) and I cannot really imagine people in Romania, going out in the streets and staying there for weeks just because there has been a fraud in the elections. I see us more in the state of mind of the americans, after the Florida-gate in 2000, and it’s true, that’s not something to be necessarily proud of.

UPDATE: The Central electoral Bureau (BEC) declined few minutes ago the opposition requests, without really explaining the difference in the numbers reported by them yesterday. I can say now, a thing that I was afraid before, that the reply was totally disgusting.

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