Google Earth unleashed

Google has released its long-anticipated geographic search tool, a new application that combines local search with satellite images and maps from around the globe, shortly after integrated worldwide sattelite view in its Google Maps.

Google Earth is a standalone application that’s essentially an enhanced and upgraded version of its Keyhole 3D satellite imagery product. As Google has done with several of its past acquisitions, the company has also made the application free to all users, dropping its annual subscription fee for the basic version.

Google Earth is designed to make it easy to “fly” to aerial views to an address, zooming, tilting and rotating, business search and driving directions. When exploring a location, you can turn on various layers of mapping information such as roads, dining, parks, and lodging.

Want to know how far is the train station from your home? Click on The “Measure” tool located under the Tools menu. You can even change the units of measurement.

With Google Earth, in 38 US cities, you can see buildings in 3D from “ground up.” You can activate the “buildings” layer on the bottom navigation panel. Tilt the screen in order to see the buildings in 3D. Similarly, the terrain is also mapped in 3D, meaning you can see mountains and valleys and canyons in Google Earth.

More info on Google Earth website and also here.

Only one conclusion: impressive!

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