Colorless Romanian Mobile Telephony Market

Cosmorom, the fourth romanian mobile phone player, just relaunched itself as Cosmote. Following its mother company branding, they also “re-colored” themselves into a little bit more green.

A green that is challanging this year’s re-branding-champion Connex, or should I say MobiFon, or is it Connex-Vodafone? Well, once a branding champion and innovator on the Romanian market, Connex turned lately into a confusing “who am I-challange” for the consumer, ending up with loosing the market-leader position and with a confusing and challenged position, at least in terms of colors.

So, let’s have all these, in a graphical form. They


turned to this


which is very similar with this


which at the beginning of the year looked like this


but now is this


and in spring will be only


which in terms of colors is very much alike this


and this really make me think of this 

green orangeor red orangeinstead of orange

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