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Checking the referrals on one of my blogs this morning I stumped upon a curious link to which lead me to a login page titled Technorati Blog Tracker.

Blog Tracker by TechnoratiSo, is Technorati preparing to launch a blog reader/tracker? I checked the net around only to find a couple of references on the subject. First, was a Business Week online’s interview with David Sifry, Technorati’s CEO, in which he mentioned something about a new service that was supposed to be launched in August:

we’re unveiling a new service in August that’s currently in beta testing that’s geared toward professionals — people who need a deeper view of a company or its products, such as PR people, people in marketing or advertising, financial analysts. [Basically,] people who need to track buzz, how it changes over time, who are the influencers who is talking about their company or their product. These will be subscription products

Also I found some other references on the subject in Joseph Scott’s Blog and Datamining. I am, honestly, looking forward on this, as recently launched Google Reader is quite disappointing and Bloglines seems to be stuck in terms of providing more customization or functionality to its service.

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