A Critical Evaluation of US Federalist system

Check out this very interesting analysis on American federalist system. I will just quote a little of it so you can make an idea on what’s about:

In the 2000 presidential election, the candidate who won by more than 540,000 votes lost. George Bush became America′s new ″popularly elected″ president, despite not having the plurality of the votes.

In the Senate, Michael Enzi and Thomas Craig have the same voting power as Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Enzi and Craig represent 501,242 people from the state of Wyoming, while Boxer and Feinstein represent 35,484,453 people from the state of California. That means that one person from Wyoming has the voting representation of 71 Californians.

In Massachusetts, you can get married to whomever you chose. In the rest of the country, your choice in Massachusetts can be ignored.

The 13 smallest states, consisting of 4.46% of the population, could outvote the rest of the country when ratifying an amendment.

You can download the whole PDF analysis clicking the link here: A Critical Evaluation of America′s Federalist System

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