2005 Corruption Perception Index

Romania ranks 85th out of 159 countries in 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index recently published by Transparency International.

The Corruption Perceptions Index, now in its eleventh year, aims to provide data on extensive perceptions of corruption within countries. These perceptions enhance our understanding of real levels of corruption from one country to another. The CPI is a composite index, making use of surveys of business people and assessments by country analysts.

Overall, 16 sources were included in the 2005 CPI, originating from 10 independent institutions and using data compiled between 2003 and 2005.

The first 10 corruption-free countries are:

1. Iceland 9.7
2. Finland / New Zealand 9.6
4 Denmark 9.5
5 Singapore 9.4
6 Sweden 9.2
7 Switzerland 9.1
8 Norway 8.9
9 Australia 8.8

This year’s edition has a special focus on corruption and health although it has some in-depth analysis on some of the problematic countries on the subject, including Romania, as well as a final part which surveys the latest in corruption research.

The Romanian section is of course focused on two main subjects:

  1. Romania’s hopes for accession to the EU in 2007 which depends on it discovering remedies to its deep-seated problems of corruption and the rule of law
  2. Romania’s infrastructure nightmares and all questionable deals that took place in this field

Check the report downloads section here.

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